A mountain with a special shape (like a fork) which has been the subject of legends and also the birthplace of Catalan mountaineering

On the way to the village of Saldes, the unique silhouette of the Pedraforca surprises the visitors due to the impressive and yet menacing shape of the mountain.

There are plenty of pages written about the Pedraforca in relation to climbing because the walls of its 2506 metres give plenty of opotunities for the adrenaline seekers.
Close to the Pedraforca there is the beautiful valley of Gresolet with plenty of spruce and beech which allows a more relaxing aproach to the area. Then,choosing between climbing to the peaks or walking around the forests..

Pedraforca massif is an emblematic Catalan mountain hiking, but it's also always been considered necessary to protect its assets for its richness and beauty.


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