Sau and Collsacabra Valley

It's located in the Natural Area Guilleries Savassona, a natural and rich space, full of heritage, culture and beautiful places

Changing the landscape and the territory we see Sau Valley and Collsacabra.
Sau reservoiris a 17 km long and 3 km wide work of engineering, seeming a logical consequence of the peace of the waters of the river Ter since the turn of its course. A turn to 90 degrees, which takes it away from the plain of Vic, to make it enter into a zone of meanders till the reservoir; a smooth transition that turns the landmark into an ideal place for nautical sports and bestows calm air to the whole environ.

Further north the flow of torrents of Sitjar and of Sant Julia and of the stream of Aiats converge shortly before a waterfall to create a torrent of Rotllada and a stream of Gorgues. Having escaped the irregularity, the water slows its course and enters in this rock-lined hole, gorges of Foradada (Cantonigròs), which owes its name to the hole, which like a whim of nature, presents one of the walls.

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