Miravet Castle

Twelfth century Templar fortress, built on a hill that controls throughout the Ebro river that passes by his feet and dominates the town of Miravet.


In good condition, is one of the great examples of its kind in Western Europe. You can visit different rooms as the walls and stables, cistern, kitchen, refectory, warehouses or important Romanesque church. It is managed by the Catalan Cultural Heritage of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

On top of a cliff Arabs decided to establish the village of Miravet and imposing castle crowning the cliff; become fortress-monastery by the Templars after their conquest in 1153. Built on an Iberian village and on the old Moorish fortress, all the twelfth and thirteenth centuries is considered one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture transition, religious and military Order of the Temple, across the West. It was his provincial of the Templars in the Crown of Aragon between 1307-1308 and suffered a long siege at the hands of James II. The Knights Templar was removed and the castle passed into the hands of the Hospitallers lords of the castle to the confiscation of Mendizaval 1835. The castle has a good condition, despite the many wars that have happened, Revolt, War Succession, Peninsular War, Carlist Wars and the Battle of the Ebro; plus demolition attempts. But Miravet castle passed these conflicts and we can still see today in Majesty, one of the most visited monuments in the Terres de l'Ebre.


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