Ebre Battle sites route

Terres de l’Ebre was the scene for one of the most tragic periods in Spanish contemporary history; the Ebre Battle.


It ocurred between July and November in 1938, in the last part of the Civil War, and 130,000 people lost their lives in a war of waste.

This battle took place on both shores of the Ebre River, from Mequinensa to Amposta, with the Serra de Pàndols and the Serra de Cavalls being crucial points. Specific sites in this defeat of the Republican army against General Franicso Franco's army, have been restored. So, now, trenches, shelters and monuments can be visited, and there are also routes through the aforementioned mountain ranges. A Study Centre for the Ebre Battle in Gandesa and two Interpretation Centres in Pinell de Brai and Corbera d'Ebre,  have also been created. This last village was completely destroyed and, once the war was over, it was decided to keep the old village as it was and build a new one lower down.

Ebre Battle Sites to visit:
Starting point: Corbera d’Ebre - Camposines Memorial 7km
Camposines Memorial - Móra d’Ebre Castle 9km
Móra d’Ebre Castle - Devees, historic site 19km
Devees, historic site - Quatre Camins, historic site 8,6km
Quatre Camins, historic site - Barrancs, historic site 6,8km
Barrancs, historic site - Bassot viewpoint 5,1km
Bassot viewpoint - Coll del Moro 13,5km
Coll del Moro - Ebre Battle Study Centre 5,1km
Ebre Battle Study Centre - Serra de Pàndols Cota 705, historic site 7,1km
Serra de Pàndols Cota 705, historic site - Pinell de Brai 10km

Consorci Memorial dels Espais de la Batalla de l’Ebre (Memorial Consortium of the Ebre Battle Sites)
C. Bassa d’en Gaire, 1
43780 Gandesa (Tarragona)
Tel. 977 42 00 18


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