The Escornalbou castle

The visit allows us to know the atmosphere of a wealthy home in the early twentieth century, where they met the leading figures of the Renaissance invited by Toda


Located in the municipality of Riudecanyes. To get there from the urban centre, take the road that goes straight to the castle. It can also be reached by local roads from L'Argentera local and from Vilanova d'Escornalbou.

The castle monastery of Sant Miquel d'Escornalbou is from the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries. Its construction was prompted by Alfonso I, who ceded it to the church of Tarragona. The castle, the center of a great barony, and the church of Sant Miquel, were inhabited by Augustinian monks, from 1580 by the Franciscans until 1835, when the confiscation occurred. In 1843 it was acquired by John Bridgam and the first decade of this century, was acquired by Eduard Toda, rebuilt it and began restoration.

There he collected an interesting collection of prints, ceramics and objects of all kinds, and a notable library. The most important of all are the Romanesque church, the remains of the chapter house and cloister, as well as the residence of Mr. Toda, carefully restored, whose visit will allow us to see how it was a mansion of the beginning of 1900.

From the arches of the cloister, and especially from the chapel of Santa Barbara, located at the top of the set, you can enjoy one of the best views in the Tarragona region.


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