Ginabreda's wood

The sculptor Xicu Cabanyes has been working for many years in the forestry of a large part of his sculptural work. Many of the sculptures of the author are endowed with a marked erotic component.


Open-air museums are not unusual: just think of experiences such as Bomarzo in Italy and the Kroner-Müller park in Holland. But none can compare to Can Ginebreda forest given the intense and personal vitality of the artistic experience and totality herein.

Many of the artist’s sculptures have a marked erotic element. The sculptor Xicu Cabanyes has been working for many years on incorporating many of his sculpture work into the forest. The forest with its many pines and oaks has become a unique dense route without losing any of its natural wild charm.

Ticket price € 4. (only one euro coins are accepted)
Guided tour from 20 people: € 5 (Contact 972 58 25 38).
Hours: from 9 am to 6 pm.
Summer timetable: from 9 am to 9 pm.


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