Catalonia in miniature

Come explore the amazing scale model replica of Catalonia! Declared a National Point of Interest for Tourists, our park provides the opportunity for people of all ages to visit and learn about Catalonia's landmark buildings and monuments


An entertaining way to discover Catalonia's cultural treasures. Not only does the park offer to see Catalonia's architectural sights, but it also provides visitors with an outstanding and memorable experience.

The park offers more than 150 outdoor models. These models were hand-crafted at the park's scale model workshop, and perfectly depict the finest cultural treasures of the architecture of Catalonia. The criterion for the choice and location of each model relied on Catalonia's county management services, the regions consisting of 41 counties.

The visit starts with the province of Girona, followed by the Barcelona region's picturesque landscapes, and eventurally ends up in the lands of Tarragona and Lerida. Visitors stroll around the most outstanding works of art of the Romanesque ang Gothic architecture of Catalonia, in addition to the complete works of the prominent architect and figurehead of Catalan modernism, Antoni Gaudí.

The Romanesque buildings of Vall de Boí, Catalonia's most famous cathedrals, the Park Güell, the Sagrada Familia, la Pedrera, la Casa Batlló, etc., all mingle with the various depictions of civil architecture, including a fire station, a police station and several railways stations. In addition, and because they belongs to Gaudi's works, the park also presents some of his most prominent achievements outside Catalonia: Casa Botines in the city of León, the Palace of Astorga and the "Capricho" in Santander.

Price: 13,50€ per adult and 9,50€ per child.

Open: all year round except on 25th December and 1st & 6th January.


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