Why book a rural country house?


When it comes to travel, there is a lot of diversity of opinion about accommodation. There are those who prefer a hotel, there are those who prefer camping or in a rural tourism house...

Here are seven reasons to choose cottages as your favorite accommodation option!

  1. You feel at home. This is obvious. The cottage is yours as long as you have the keys and are inside. Since it's usually an entire compound, you can live a normal, ordinary life, including the small pleasures of, say, walking around the house in your pajamas.
  2. You enjoy a different coexistence. The fact that everyone sleeps in the same house, helps that there is more coexistence in the common areas or to prepare and eat food.
  3. Cheaper meals. You have your own kitchen and you decide what to eat and how to prepare it, thus saving you from having to eat in a restaurant. With a simple purchase from a market or supermarket and the right kitchen utensils, you can prepare your own dishes.
  4. Exquisite and personalized treatment of accommodation. And if something sets the rural house apart, it is because of the excellence in hospitality and attention to visitors. You will feel at home from the first moment you arrive.
  5. You organize your own schedules. There are many hotels that have opening and closing hours; as well as restaurant and cleaning hours. In a rural house, you can organize yourself as you want, and eat, sleep and go out in the surroundings whenever you want!
  6. You promote the local economy. It means an economic flow for the place where you stay.
  7. It is ideal for travelling with family. When the little ones are babies, in a rural house you can give them the attention they need, since at midnight you can warm bottles or make porridge for them.

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