5 tips for traveling with dogs and pets to a pet-friendly country house


Thinking of a holidays in a rural country house with your pet?

Traveling with a dog is much easier if you stay in a pet-friendly rural house, but here are some essential tips:

  1. Check that the rural house allows the access of animals. Travelers with pets must take into account that their admission frequently entails the acceptance of conditions set by the owners of the lodging, and that are intended to avoid carelessness on the part of their owners towards them and compensate the cost of special cleaning upon departure. to eliminate the hair that the animal releases and that has been left on the floor and the seats. Sanitizing spaces where a dog or cat has been is a priority because more and more people are suffering from strong allergies to the hair of these animals and are warning about it when making their reservation.
  2. Packing, also for our pet. Think about everything your pet will need to fully enjoy the rural getaway with the family: their favorite food and sweets. Their grooming supplies: towel, pet shampoo, brush... Various towels to clean their paws after a wonderful excursion through the woods His favorite toys. His bed or mat. And, of course: his vaccination record up to date and in order.
  3. Choose a pet carrier that guarantees sufficient ventilation. Remember that it is about the well-being of your animal, so choose the most suitable carrier for each means of transport.
  4. Do not feed in hours before the trip to avoid dizziness. On the day of the trip you should avoid feeding the animal 2-3 hours before, but depending on its age, its nutritional needs or the duration of the trip, it may be necessary to schedule a stop to eat according to the veterinarian's instructions.
  5. Take a walk before traveling. Before starting the trip, do everything possible to relieve your dog of stress. Going for a walk or playing with the ball is a good option so that you are relaxed when you start the trip; he'll be a little tired and maybe sleep part of the way.

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